Invite struggle

Encourage growth

Practice hard

Live Inspired .

Teachers like you are motivating their students to build consistent and healthy practice habits by tracking, supplementing and rewarding their growth with Practopus.

How It Works

Add Students

We'll automatically send parents an invite when you add their email address.

Track Practice

View practice reports for individual students and custom groups for a specified time period.

Assign Tasks

Create and assign multiple types of interactive assignments to students or groups.

Reward Students

Students use earned "clams" to purchase teacher provided rewards and STAY MOTIVATED!

Practice Tracking

Students will time their practice sessions with the Practopus app. Teachers have access to interactive reports where they can view and sort their individual students' or groups of students' practice times and tasks by a selected time period. Teachers and students also have access to a graphical representation of their practice times.

Student Practice Timer

Teacher reports to view students' and groups' practice data by week, month, all-time or custom time period

Zoomable student practice graph by days, weeks or months

"Practopus is the most useful tool we've used in a long time. It really works to incentivize practice!"

- Mr. Larry Scott, Band Director

Practopus is available for both Apple and Android devices!

Motivate students with rewards!

Teachers can create a store where their students can spend the points (called clams) they earn from practicing. The rewards available are offered by their teacher, which allows them to be customized for the students. Practopus also includes a system to mark rewards when they are given out (delivered) to help keep inventory and ensure the whole process is documented.

Rewards page on a teacher account where rewards are created and managed

Store on app

Reward purchased!