Rewards Guide

Rewards are a critical part of motivating your students to practice. School aged children are neurologically not yet able to fully understand the long-term benefit of consistent work. This results in a misalignment of their goals and habits.

A student may have goals to play like Yo Yo Ma or Buddy Rich, but they have no concrete sense of what it takes to get there.

Offering rewards through Practopus bridges the developmental gap. Instant gratification provides short-term incentives until students realize the long-term improvements in their musicianship through consistent, deliberate practice guided by their teacher.

Practopus gives you the flexibility to offer custom rewards and prices that you think will motivate your students. There is also an inventory and delivery system that prevents you from overselling any rewards you are offering, and keeps track of when students purchased a reward and when you “delivered” it to them.

The purpose of this guide is to help you determine how to price your rewards and give you some ideas for rewards you might offer your students on Practopus.

How do I price rewards?

When setting prices for Rewards for your students, you should consider 3 things:
  • 1. How much do you expect your students to practice?
  • 2. How often do you expect your students to complete tasks?
  • 3. How often would you like your students to purchase Rewards?

The answers give you a formula:

expectations / purchase frequency = reward price

*For example, I want my students to earn 160 clams per week and I want them to be able to purchase one Small reward per week. The formula would be:

160 clams earned / 1 Small reward = 160 clams reward price


How often do you expect students to practice?

Think about how much a student would ideally practice. Remember they are awarded 1 clam per minute (2 after 20 minutes in a day).

*For example, if I expect my students to practice 20 minutes a day for 5 days a week, they would earn 100 clams per week.

How often do you expect students to complete tasks and how much are they rewarded for those tasks?

*Let’s say a typical task I assign my students rewards 10-50 clams. I expect them to complete at least one task worth 10 clams and one task worth 50 clams a week. They would earn 10 + 50 = 60 clams per week by completing additional tasks.

Add together the number of clams you expect your students to earn from practice minutes and completing tasks. The result is the expectations number for a given time period to plug into the formula.

Purchase Frequency

How often do you want your students to be able to purchase rewards?

You may want to determine your own levels of rewards. For example, a “Small” reward would be the least expensive, “Medium” reward would cost more, and “Large” reward would be the most expensive.

*Let’s say I want my students to be able to purchase a Small reward once a week, and have to save up for a Medium and Large rewards. In that case, I would use the number 1 in the formula above for purchase frequency.

Other Considerations

You may want your students to be able to save some clams, while also making regular purchases. Factor that into your reward prices as well.

*In the example above, the formula gave me 160 clams for a weekly Small reward. I could lower the price to 120 clams to purchase a small Reward, which would allow a student to save 40 clams per week for additional higher-level rewards.

Examples of rewards

Consider offering a few different types of rewards:
  • 1. Experiences / Events
  • - privileges, attire, special treatement, etc…
  • 2. Stuff
  • - pencils, erasers, food, tuners, metronomes, prize box etc…
  • 3. Communal
  • - Party, free period, movie, etc… This would involve some work outside of the app to tally clams or accumulated rewards, etc


Title: Wear A Hat!

Category: Event

Reward: ??

Description: Wear your favorite, crazy, funny, outrageous, large, small, colorful silly hat to a rehearsal/lesson! You can wear it yourself or make me wear it.

Title: Lead Rehearsal

Category: Event

Reward: ??

Description: Find out what it’s like to be in my shoes! Take the baton and conduct rehearsal for half of a period. I’ll be your assistant.

Title: Nickname

Category: Event

Reward: ??

Description: Choose a title or nickname for me to call you for one rehearsal. Are you a king or queen? Or perhaps a Harry Potter character?


Title: Candy!

Category: Food

Reward: ??

Description: Your choice of a mini Snickers, Milky Way, Hershey, Recess, Kit Kat, Butterfinger, Twizzlers, Jolly Rancher, or… NERDS!

Title: Music Pencil

Category: Stuff

Reward: ??

Description: Use this music-themed pencil to take notes while your practicing. Choose one to keep from my collection.

Title: Prize Box

Category: Stuff

Reward: ??

Description: Choose an item from the classroom Prize Box. Items include supplies, small games, cards, notebooks, and more!